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Private jet with longest range. Private jet engines are getting bigger and more powerful. More so, there are more and more cases when private jets are used for long range flights. We were wondering: what is the longest range a private jet can fly?

Have you ever dreamed of taking a long-haul flight and relaxing in your private jet? When you travel by private jet, you can avoid the hassle of the regular airlines. The trip is more luxurious, and you’ll travel faster (not to mention lay back and take naps on long flights).

We have compiled a list of some jets with the largest range so you can see how far you can fly in one trip. We all like to fly private jets.

This is just a fact in life. But not everyone can afford to go private, or even knows what companies offer charter flights. I dug around the web and found out which company has the longest range, so you know who to call when you need a flight that far away.

Business owners are always looking for ways to cut their operating costs, so private jets are often the first thing to go. This can cause significant problems for high level executives who need to attend hundreds of business meetings and conferences every year.

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Who doesn’t want to fly on a private jet? That’s a rhetorical question because everyone wants to but not everyone can. The thing is, private jets are very expensive and not just anyone can afford them. If you’re wondering which jet has the longest range, this guide is for you.

Takeaway points

  • Private jet with longest range
  • 1 Bombardier Global 8000
  • 2. Boeing Business Jet 777X
  • 3. Bombardier Global 7500
  • 4. Gulfstream G650ER
  • 5. Dassault Falcon 8X
  • Can a private jet cross the Atlantic?
How does Owning a Private Jet Work

Private jet with longest range

The Gulfstream G650 is the latest in the line of Gulfstream private jets. The G650 has a range of 6,000 nautical miles (11,112 km) and can fly at Mach 0.925, making it the fastest civilian aircraft in production. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 41,600 pounds (18,816 kg) and can carry up to 16 passengers in its cabin.

The G650 was designed to be more fuel-efficient than other Gulfstream models while still offering top performance and range.

It features an active noise reduction system that reduces cabin noise by 20 decibels when the aircraft is cruising at 30,000 feet (9144 m). The G650 also has several features that make it easier for pilots to fly safely and efficiently.

The flight management system uses satellite-based navigation technology to track the plane’s position and adjust its course accordingly, which helps pilots avoid turbulence or weather conditions that could compromise flight safety or efficiency.

The Global 6000 is another long-range private jet from Gulfstream that can fly over 6,100 nm / 11,500 km nonstop with full fuel tanks but does not have as much speed as the G650 model.

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The Gulfstream G650ER is an ultra-long-range business jet manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace. The aircraft has the longest range of any business jet, capable of flying nonstop from New York to Hong Kong or Los Angeles to Dubai.

The G650ER first flew on December 10, 2016 and was delivered in May 2017. It is a re-engined variant of the Gulfstream G650, with a Rolls-Royce BR725A engine rated at 47,000 lb (211 kN) thrust.

This engine is more powerful than the previous model’s GE Passport 20 engines which were rated at 44,500 lb (200 kN). The G650ER’s range is more than 5,000 nautical miles (9,250 km), allowing nonstop flights from New York to Hong Kong or Los Angeles to Dubai.

The aircraft can fly at Mach 0.90 cruise speed and has a ceiling of 51,000 feet (15 km). The cabin features two private lavatories with showers as well as a dedicated crew rest area with its own lavatory and shower.

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Private Jet with Longest Range

1. Bombardier Global 8000

The Bombardier Global 8000 is a business jet manufactured by the Canadian company Bombardier Aerospace. The aircraft is a development of the Learjet 85, and was first flown on February 1, 2016.

The Global 8000 is larger than its competitors, with a maximum range of 7,450 nmi (8,600 mi; 14,000 km), and can carry up to 16 passengers along with two crew members. It will compete against similar sized aircraft from Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation and Dassault Aviation.

The Global 8000 features two Rolls-Royce BR725 turbofan engines and has an all-new exterior design with four passenger doors on each side of the fuselage.

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The cabin interior is designed for executive comfort with high quality leather seats and wood veneer finishes. The flight deck includes three large displays that can be used by either pilot or co-pilot as well as full fly-by-wire flight controls.

The Bombardier Global 8000 has a range of 7,500 nautical miles (9,600 kilometers), allowing it to fly from New York to Hong Kong nonstop.

The aircraft features five cabin zones: a quiet zone with a full bar, dining room and lounge; an executive zone with a boardroom; a business zone; a hospitality zone with two private sleeping rooms; and a dedicated crew rest area.

The Global 8000’s cabin can accommodate up to 12 passengers at once. The aircraft also has the capacity for up to 19 passengers on one flight.

Others said the Bombardier Global 8000 has a range of 7,000 nautical miles (8,664 statute miles), according to the manufacturer’s website. Its maximum cruising speed is 490 knots (918 kilometers per hour).

In February 2017, a Global 8000 set a world record for non-stop flight in a business jet by traveling 7,423 nautical miles (8,973 statute miles) from London to San Francisco in just 16 hours and 47 minutes. The aircraft arrived with more than 5 hours of fuel remaining.

The Global 8000 was designed to carry up to 14 passengers and crew members across oceans and continents. It can be configured for VIP or private use. The aircraft includes an emergency medical facility with advanced life support equipment, including a ventilator that can support two patients at once.

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Private Jet with Longest Range

2. Boeing Business Jet 777X

The Boeing Business Jet 777X will be able to fly up to 8,500 nautical miles (14,850 km). This distance is equal to a trip from New York City to London or Los Angeles to Beijing. The jet’s range allows passengers to travel across continents or enjoy a long weekend away from home.

The Boeing Business Jet 777X is designed for luxury and comfort. It has a bedroom that can fit up to eight people, a private dining room and an entertainment center with a large screen television and surround sound system. The plane also has a living area with seating for 12 passengers, who can use the WiFi internet connection during their flight.

Others said the Boeing Business Jet 777X has a range of 7,890 nautical miles, or 14,200 km. This is almost double the range of its predecessor, the 777-200LR/F. It is also able to carry up to 19 passengers in a wide-body cabin that is over 30 feet (9 m) across.

Boeing has designed the 777X for ultra-long-haul flights. The jet can fly from London to Tokyo nonstop with just one stopover in Hong Kong or Singapore. It can also fly nonstop from New York to Sydney or Los Angeles to Johannesburg distances that are more than 10% farther than any other commercial jet currently flying.

Private Jet with Longest Range

3. Bombardier Global 7500

Bombardier Global 7500 can fly up to 4,850 nautical miles. It can fly at a cruising speed of 563 knots. The maximum range of the aircraft is 4,850 nm.

Bombardier Global 7500 is a long-range jet manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. It was first announced in 2007 as the Global Ultra Long Range and made its maiden flight on 20 June 2009.

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The aircraft was certified in September 2010 and entered service in 2011. The aircraft has a range of more than 5,700 km (3,500 mi) when fully loaded with passengers and cargo and can fly for over 19 hours non-stop.

More details on this! The Bombardier Global 7500 has a maximum range of 6,404 nautical miles (7,456 miles / 11,928 km). This is the distance that the airplane can travel on one full tank of fuel.

The Global 7500 pilot’s handbook lists a “range with reserves” of 6,610 nautical miles (7,700 miles / 12,294 km). This means that the plane can fly this distance after taking off with full tanks and no reserve fuel.

The Global 7500 has a maximum weight capacity of 200 kilograms (441 pounds) when operating at its maximum range speed of Mach 0.85.

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Private Jet with Longest Range

4. Gulfstream G650ER

The Gulfstream G650ER can fly up to 6,000 nautical miles. This is the longest range of any business jet in production today. The G650ER can fly from New York to Hong Kong with a full payload, or from Los Angeles to London with no passengers on board.

The G650ER’s range exceeds that of all other long-range business jets in production today, including the Bombardier Global 6000 (5,600 nm), Bombardier Global 7000 (5,900 nm) and Dassault Falcon 7X (4,200 nm).

These aircraft have significantly fewer seats than the Gulfstream G650ER and are not optimized for long-range missions. The Gulfstream G650ER is a very long-range business jet that can fly up to 7,000 nm (13,000 km). In fact, the G650ER is the longest range business jet in the world.

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The Gulfstream G650ER is a new model of the G600 series. It has been designed for ultra-long range flights and it is powered by two Rolls Royce BR725 engines which produce an impressive 16,100 pounds of thrust each.

This gives the aircraft a maximum altitude of 51,000 ft and a maximum speed of Mach 0.90. The G650ER offers a cabin volume of 4,200 ft3 (131 m3) which allows for up to 19 passengers or crew members and their luggage.

The cabin also features high-end amenities such as Wi-Fi connectivity and entertainment systems including DVD players and headsets with noise canceling technology. The Gulfstream G650ER was designed with a pressurized cabin, so passengers can travel comfortably at high altitudes.

A pressurized cabin means that there are no changes in pressure when you move from ground level to 35,000 feet. This allows you to breathe normally and makes it easier for your ears to adjust as well.

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Private Jet with Longest Range

5. Dassault Falcon 8X

The Falcon 8X can fly up to 4,500 nautical miles (5,600 km). The Falcon 8X is a long range jet that needs a lot of fuel to get off the ground. It’s no surprise that the jet burns more fuel than other aircraft.

The Dassault Falcon 8X has a large fuel capacity of 100 gallons (380 liters). This allows for a range of 4,100 nautical miles (4,700 km), as well as an endurance of 12 hours and 30 minutes.

The Falcon 8X has a maximum takeoff weight of 97,000 lbs (44,250 kg), which limits its range even further than its relatively small supply of fuel would suggest.

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The Falcon 8X can fly up to 3,500 nautical miles, or 4,600 km. The aircraft features a comfortable cabin with high-quality seats and is powered by three Honeywell HTF 7500 engines.

The Falcon 8X is a private jet that was first introduced in 2012 by Dassault Aviation. It can accommodate up to 12 passengers and has a range of 3,500 nautical miles (4,600 km).

The aircraft has an excellent performance in terms of speed, climb rate and range. It is also equipped with modern avionics systems and has an impressive fuel efficiency.

The Falcon 8X is a long-range business jet capable of flying up to 7,400 nautical miles (8,700 statute miles). The range of the Falcon 8X can be extended by using its optional 5th or 6th fuel tank.

The Falcon 8X’s maximum takeoff weight is 24,500 lb. Maximum payload is 3,750 lb. Maximum cabin height is 6 ft 10 in. With a full load of passengers and baggage, the Falcon 8X has a maximum cruise speed of 488 ktas and a maximum certified altitude (MCA) of 51,000 ft.

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Private Jet with Longest Range

Can a private jet cross the Atlantic?

The short answer is yes, but only under certain circumstances. It all depends on the size of the aircraft and how much fuel it’s carrying.

A private jet can cross the Atlantic if its flight plan is approved by air traffic controllers at both ends of the journey, said Michael Boyd, president of aviation consulting firm Boyd Group International. Private jets are required to get permission from air traffic control before entering controlled airspace, just like commercial aircraft do.

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“The fact that you have a private jet doesn’t mean that you don’t follow the rules,” Boyd said in an interview with Business Insider. “You still have to follow them.” A private jet can cross the Atlantic if its flight plan is approved by air traffic controllers at both ends of the journey.

A private jet can fly across the Atlantic, but it is not always an easy task. The distances are large, and there are many things that need to be taken into account. A private jet needs to have enough range to get from point A to point B, as well as enough fuel capacity to make it back again once it arrives at its destination.

The range of a private jet will depend on several different factors, including its size and weight, as well as the distance between where it begins and ends its journey. A smaller aircraft with fewer passengers on board will obviously have a greater range than a larger plane with lots of people on board.

The weight of your luggage is also important when considering how far a private jet can fly. If you have lots of bags or other large items with you on board then this will reduce the amount of fuel that can be carried by the plane and therefore reduce its range even further.

You may want to consider leaving some bags behind if possible so that you don’t reduce the amount of fuel available for flying! It’s also worth noting that if you’re travelling during winter months then your flight times may be affected by weather conditions too. This could mean delays or cancellations due to bad weather conditions.

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How does Owning a Private Jet Work

Final verdict

The Global 7500 is a stunning aircraft, and the best thing about it is that you may never have to charter another flight again. With up to 12 tonne of range for two pilots, this aircraft can go literally anywhere on earth nonstop!

I am always in favor of a buying a more efficient but still new airplane for my clients (if it makes financial sense), especially private jets. Efficiency is key because the flight hours are so horrendous.

I want to keep trip costs down and reduce the need to go back to the airport for extra fuel stops saving time and enabling other uses on the trip.

With this said, I also would like to see that they have a recent or new airframe in excellent condition. Depreciation on older jets can be significant so it makes financial sense as well. The demand for private jets with a long range is rising every year. The reasons are different.

Some are searching for more comfort at the price of privacy, some want to use the plane for business but remain efficient with their time and others just want to feel free and not limited in any way. Whatever your purpose, you can find a perfect plane for yourself by taking our short quiz below.

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