Private Helicopter with Longest Range (Aviation Top 11 List)

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Private helicopter with longest range, if you are someone who is interested in private helicopters, then the search ends here. We are going to introduce you to the longest range private helicopter. This is considered as one of the most prominent models which is preferred by many across the globe.

What are we talking about? That’s a big question; especially if you’re even considering chartering a private helicopter. Imagine traveling anywhere, in any city or country, at any time you wish, without being constrained by schedules or weather or traffic.

Flying by private helicopter is the closest you get to having your own plane and being your own pilot without the hassle of dealing with airports, long distance travel, or having to connect with another airline. Long-distance helicopter flight has come a long way in recent years.

There is nothing quite like traveling by private helicopter. No security lines, no airport hassles, and no worries of being late. And if you’ve ever traveled by private helicopter you know that this usually isn’t a problem.

But, when it is the only option (when the regular commercial flights aren’t running) you don’t always want to take that risk.

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There are times when a longer range can be a lifesaver and having to go through the hassle of rearranging your schedule or getting stuck somewhere for days on end is not ideal.

Private Helicopter with Longest Range

Private helicopter with longest range

A private helicopter with the longest range is a necessity for many wealthy individuals and families. The long-range helicopter allows you to travel further distances in comfort, while also offering the ability to land almost anywhere including on water.

The Sikorsky S-92 is one of the best long-range helicopters available today. It can fly up to 1,600 miles at a time and has a maximum cruising speed of up to 200 mph. The interior of this aircraft is luxurious with leather seats and other high-end amenities.

The Sikorsky S-76C++ is a long range private helicopter with an impressive range of 1,700 miles. The aircraft can cruise at speeds up to 150 knots and will accommodate up to 13 passengers.

The Sikorsky S-76C++ is powered by two Garrett TPE-331-10 turboshaft engines, each producing 1,867 shaft horsepower. The aircraft has a maximum gross weight of 9,750 pounds and is capable of carrying up to 13 passengers plus two pilots.

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Points to have in mind

  • Sikorsky S-92A
  • Sikorsky S-76C++
  • AugustaWestland AW139
  • AugustaWestland AW189
  • MD Explorer 600 Helicopter
  • Bell 429 Helicopter
  • Bell 525 Relentless
  • Airbus H175
  • Airbus H215
  • Eurocopter EC155B1
  • Eurocopter EC135P2+
Private Helicopter with Longest Range

Sikorsky S-92A

The Sikorsky S-92A is a twin-engine medium transport helicopter developed and manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft. It is used for utility and search and rescue missions, including firefighting, law enforcement, oil and gas field support, humanitarian aid/disaster relief, medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), heavy construction, aerial survey and logistics support.

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The S-92A was developed from the UH-60L Black Hawk helicopter and is part of the Sikorsky S-92 family. The UH-60L was modified to accept an additional turboshaft engine to increase power output and performance. The engines are mounted on either side of the main fuselage.

The first flight of the S-92A occurred in December 2000, followed by its introduction into service with Bristow Helicopters in 2002.

Deliveries to customers began later that year. As of November 2011, more than 150 had been produced at Sikorsky’s Stratford Plant facility in Connecticut and delivered to customers around the world.

The S-92A is a stretched version of the successful Sikorsky S-76 series with a lengthened fuselage, new tail boom and rotor head that increase overall length by 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) over its predecessor’s dimensions, while retaining commonality with its predecessors’ cockpit design.

It has room for twenty passengers in an executive configuration, or sixteen stretchers plus two medical attendants in a medical emergency evacuation configuration.

The cabin can be fitted out for VIP transportation duties; this includes fitting an executive desk to one side of the cabin which folds down into seats for seven passengers when not being used as a desk.

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Private Helicopter with Longest Range

Sikorsky S-76C++

Sikorsky S-76C++ is a twin-engine, medium-sized utility helicopter developed by Sikorsky Aircraft. The rotorcraft is equipped with a long fuselage and two turboshaft engines that provide flight stability, navigation, and power to the aircraft.

The S-76C++ helicopter can be used for a wide range of missions such as transportation of passengers and cargo, medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), surveillance operations, firefighting, police patrol and search and rescue operations.

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The S-76C++ helicopter has been in service since the 1980s. It has been used by several airlines around the world including Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation (USA), Air Malta (Malta), Falcon Express Airways (USA), Helijet International Incorporated (Canada), HeliJet International Incorporated (Belize) and Lion Air (Indonesia).

The Sikorsky S-76C++ is a high-performance, heavy lift helicopter designed for the commercial market. It is available in a number of configurations, including the S-76C++, the S-76D and the S-76LX.

The main difference between these models is that the C++ has two engines and the D has four engines. The LX is a VIP version with a glass cockpit and other luxury features.

The Sikorsky S-76C++ was developed by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation in 2003 as part of a program to replace its S-61R/H models with newer, more efficient aircraft. The first flight occurred in 2004 and production began in 2005.

In 2008, Sikorsky introduced an updated version called the “VIP” (Very Important Person) model which had upgraded cockpit displays and avionics systems as well as other luxury features such as leather seats and air conditioning.

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Private Helicopter with Longest Range

AugustaWestland AW139

The AugustaWestland AW139 is a twin-engine, medium-size utility helicopter produced by AugustaWestland. It is a member of the AgustaWestland AW119 family of helicopters, which also includes the AW119Ke Koala and AW109E Power.

The AW139 was designed to meet a large number of customer requirements and has been produced in several variants: standard, law enforcement / search & rescue, offshore and firefighting.

In addition to its civilian applications, the AW139 has also been adopted for military use; one example being the Italian Army’s “Panthera” regiment (referring to their role as attack helicopters), which received 28 aircraft beginning in 2009.

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The main cabin area can be configured for up to 18 passengers or fitted with optional equipment including stretchers in patient transport configuration or cargo pallets.

Other configurations have included a full VIP interior for high-ranking government officials and an aeromedical version capable of carrying six stretchers plus two medical attendants on each flight.

The cabin can be equipped with an optional air conditioning system designed and built by Parker Hannifin Corporation (now UTC Aerospace Systems) that provides fresh air circulation throughout the cabin regardless of outside temperatures or conditions.

The aircraft features two Rolls-Royce 250-B17C engines, which deliver a maximum power output of 2,890 shaft horsepower (shp). The helicopter can carry up to 11 passengers and two pilots.

The AW139 is equipped with an integrated avionics suite that provides full instrument flight capability at night and during adverse weather conditions. The aircraft is also equipped with a cockpit voice recorder (CVR), which records all sounds in the cockpit.

The AW139 features the most advanced electronic flight control system available, called Advanced Smart EFB (Smart Electronic Flight Bag), which offers greater safety and efficiency thanks to its increased situational awareness capabilities and automatic functions that reduce pilot workload during flight operations.

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Private Helicopter with Longest Range

AugustaWestland AW189

The AugustaWestland AW189 is a twin-engine, medium-size utility helicopter. It was developed by AugustaWestland in association with Agusta, who was responsible for the fuselage and tail sections, with Westland Helicopters responsible for the transmission and rotor system.

The prototype AW189 first flew on 15 December 2004 at Vergiate Airfield near Milan, Italy. During its first flight, the aircraft reached an altitude of 4,000 ft (1,200 m) and flew for 30 minutes at speeds reaching 140 knots (260 km/h; 160 mph).

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Initial flight testing was conducted in Italy before moving to the United Kingdom in 2005. A total of 50 flight hours were flown during testing conducted at MoD Boscombe Down in Wiltshire before it was handed over to QinetiQ for further testing at MoD Boscombe Down.

In October 2006, the AW189 completed its first delivery to British Forces when a pre-production example was handed over to the Royal Air Force. The first production model made its maiden flight on 19 December 2007, with deliveries beginning in January 2008.

The AW189 has been ordered by various countries including Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Italy and the United Kingdom. In March 2017, the Italian government ordered 27 helicopters for its Navy and Air Force.

The AW189 is a twin-engine light utility helicopter with seating for up to 19 passengers and two crew. It can be configured for law enforcement, VIP transport, offshore transport and search and rescue missions. It can also be used as a maritime patrol aircraft.

In March 2011, AugustaWestland announced plans to develop an intermediate-size helicopter to replace its AB139/AS365 Dauphin. The new helicopter would have a maximum takeoff weight of 6.5 tonnes (14,000 lb), compared with 4 tonnes (8,800 lb) for the AB139/AS365 Dauphin.

The company has confirmed that development of the new helicopter has been suspended due to lack of market interest.

In 2014, following a failed merger attempt with Finmeccanica’s AgustaWestland unit, Bell Helicopter announced plans to launch its own line of commercial aircraft. The first of these models, the Bell 525 Relentless, was unveiled in 2015.

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The aircraft features several improvements over its predecessor, including a more powerful engine and increased range. The 525 Relentless is scheduled to enter service in 2017 with an anticipated price tag of $20 million per unit.

The AW189 is expected to enter service in 2019 and will compete against the Sikorsky S-92. The AW189 has been designed for a range of missions, including search and rescue (SAR), law enforcement (LE), offshore transport and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC).

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Private Helicopter with Longest Range

MD Explorer 600 Helicopter

The MD Explorer 600 helicopter is a high performance, all-weather and night flying machine. This is the ideal helicopter for training and recreational flying.

The MD Explorer 600 has a four bladed main rotor system that offers excellent stability and control. The tail rotor has a single bladed design which provides excellent ground handling characteristics in all weather conditions.

The Explorer’s fully articulated landing gear makes ground handling easy while providing exceptional stability during takeoffs and landings.

The MD Explorer 600 helicopter features a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to three passengers or two pilots and one passenger. The cabin features dual flight controls, dual sliding side doors, an aft-facing rear window, dual instrument panels and dual digital displays for each pilot.

There are also two baggage compartments behind each door that provide plenty of storage space for your personal belongings while flying this aircraft!

The MD Explorer 600 helicopter is powered by two Lycoming engines that produce 480 horsepower each at takeoff power setting (HPTS), which will allow you to reach speeds of 160 knots at sea level and climb rapidly through the air while maintaining your desired altitude with ease!

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Private Helicopter with Longest Range

Bell 429 Helicopter

The Bell 429 is a twin-engine, turbine-powered helicopter designed for utility and VIP transport. It is marketed to civilian operators as an all-weather, long-range aircraft for corporate executives, government officials and private individuals.

The Bell 429 competes with other light twin helicopters such as the Aérospatiale/Eurocopter EC130, Sikorsky S-76 and AgustaWestland AW139.

The Bell 429 is based on the Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV that was modified with a new fuselage to accommodate four passengers in the rear seats (an improvement over the LongRanger III’s two-seat configuration) and a larger cargo bay than the 206L’s.

The new fuselage also incorporated a longer tail boom than its predecessors, giving it a wider rear cabin; this allowed more room behind the cockpit for passengers or cargo.

In 1997, Bell announced plans to develop a derivative of their Model 206 series to compete against other light twin helicopters like the Aérospatiale/Eurocopter AS350B2 “Squirrel” and Sikorsky S-76.

In May 1998, Bell announced that they would be developing a four-place version of their Model 206L LongRanger, designated as the Model 206L-4 LongRanger 4.

The first prototype 206L-4 flew on October 22, 1999, and certification was granted by the Federal Aviation Administration on April 15, 2001. The FAA type certificate is currently held by Universal Helicopters (UH), who purchased the type certificate from Bell in 2006.

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Private Helicopter with Longest Range

Bell 525 Relentless

Bell Helicopter unveiled the Bell 525 Relentless, the latest addition to its light twin product line. The new aircraft was unveiled at Heli-Expo in Las Vegas on March 1 and will fly later this year.

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The Bell 525 is designed for commercial and civil applications such as offshore transport, utility support, passenger operations and VIP transportation. It can carry up to 14 passengers or 2,000 pounds of cargo.

The aircraft will be powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210S turboshaft engines that produce 1,500 shaft horsepower each. The transmission can be shifted automatically or manually through seven forward gears and one reverse gear. The 5-blade rotor system has a diameter of 50 feet 7 inches (15 meters).

The cockpit features dual Garmin G1000H glass cockpits with integrated flight management system that enables full automation of all flight parameters including fuel management, navigation and safety systems.

The aircraft comes standard with triple-redundant digital fly-by-wire control systems that enable automatic stability augmentation system (ASAS) capability at all speeds up to 250 knots indicated airspeed (kts).

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Private Helicopter with Longest Range

Airbus H175

The Airbus H175 is a medium-sized helicopter developed by Airbus Helicopters. It is the military version of the Eurocopter EC175, which has civil certification from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The H175 was developed as a replacement for aging military utility helicopters in the United States Army and Marine Corps. It will be used to move personnel and cargo in support of combat operations.

The aircraft was designed for use on small ships, such as frigates, but can also be deployed from larger vessels via helicopters decks or external sling load.

Airbus announced plans to offer a military version of its EC175 helicopter at the 2016 Farnborough Airshow. It is being marketed as a successor to US military’s UH-1N Huey fleet that is due to retire around 2030.

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On 18 September 2016, Airbus announced that it had received an order for 15 civilian EC175s from the United States Department of Defense under the Foreign Military Sales program at least seven more than originally planned and worth $1 billion at list prices.

The first two were delivered to the US Army on 19 December 2017; they were followed by four more during 2018 and another two in 2019.

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Private Helicopter with Longest Range

Airbus H215

The Airbus H215 is a twin-engined helicopter developed by the European aerospace company Airbus Helicopters. It is marketed under the name EC175 in France, Germany and Japan and H175 elsewhere, with H for Helicopter (French:

“Hélicoptère”) and 175 for its maximum take off weight of 2,750 kg (6,060 lb). The first prototype made its maiden flight on 29 May 2011 at Marignane, France.

The H215 is part of Airbus’ “New Aviation Era” strategy to develop and manufacture helicopters capable of meeting future market needs in terms of performance, range and payloads.

It features a new four-blade rotor system which allows for increased efficiency at high speeds, as well as improved controllability at low speeds. The fuselage uses an advanced all-composite structure consisting of carbon fibre reinforced plastic materials.

This reduces weight compared to conventional metal alloys while also providing better crashworthiness characteristics than traditional aluminium alloys. The H215 has been developed as both a civil transport helicopter and military utility helicopter.

The civil version can carry up to 14 passengers within an enclosed cabin or 7 passengers without an enclosure; it also has provision for medical evacuation missions as well as VIP transport and special missions.

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The H215 is available in two main variants: the H215M and the H215M1. The M1 variant is a military version developed for the French Army dedicated to battlefield missions, including command and control (C2), troop transport, search and rescue (SAR) and air assault operations.

It features a mission equipment package with mast-mounted sight (MMS), a self-defence suite and improved SAR capabilities compared to its predecessor.

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Private Helicopter with Longest Range

Eurocopter EC155B1

The Eurocopter EC155B1 is a twin-engine light utility helicopter. It was developed by Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters) as a successor to the Ecureuil and Aérospatiale SA 365 Dauphin.

It can be used for emergency medical services, passenger transport, law enforcement, armed forces and offshore oil and gas support missions.

The EC155B1 was introduced in 1998 and superseded the SA 365 C-1 model, which had been in production since 1986.

The first prototype flew on 26 June 1998, with certification awarded on 11 February 1999. The type has since been produced at a rate of approximately 25 per year (up to early 2009).

The EC155B1 has been manufactured under licence by Helibras at São José dos Campos Airport, Brazil since 2002.

In addition to this production line there are three other licensed manufactures: Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH (Germany), HeliFrance SAS (France) and Helibravo SL (Spain).

The EC155B1 was selected by the US Army as its Future Combat Systems (FCS) Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) after an extensive competition against other helicopters such as the AgustaWestland AW101 and Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk.

The LUH program sought to replace existing OH-58 Kiowa Warriors with a more modern platform.

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The aircraft features twin engines mounted on pylons over the main cabin, which allows for faster and easier maintenance checks than on single engine helicopters where both engines are mounted on top of the cabin roof.

The main cabin features four side doors that can be opened during flight to allow passengers to enter or exit quickly without having to descend onto a landing pad.

The EC 155 can be equipped with a variety of mission kits to fulfill different roles such as executive transport, law enforcement, medevac, search and rescue and offshore transport missions.

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Private Helicopter with Longest Range

Eurocopter EC135P2+

The Eurocopter EC135P2+ is a twin-engine light utility helicopter developed and manufactured by Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters). It was derived from the earlier five-seat Eurocopter EC135.

The EC135P2+ is powered by two Turbomeca Arriel 2C1 turboshaft engines, which are equipped with Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) systems.

The helicopter has an enclosed cabin that can accommodate up to five passengers, with two crew members seated in front of them.

The helicopter can be equipped with various avionics equipment and sensors for performing various missions such as aerial photography, police patrol, search and rescue, etc.

The Eurocopter EC135P2+ is a twin-engine helicopter developed and manufactured by Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters). It is the latest version of the Eurocopter EC135 family of helicopters, which was first introduced in 1996.

The EC135P2+ was first announced at Heli-Expo 2010 and made its first flight on 11 May 2010. The variant is intended to replace the EC130, which has been in service for over 20 years, with a more advanced rotorcraft with improved performance and safety features.

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The EC135P2+ entered into service in 2012 with customers including Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), Bell Helicopter Canada, Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH and Heli Air Monaco SPA.

The EC135P2+ can be configured as an EMS or Law Enforcement platform and has been marketed as an executive transport helicopter.

Operators of the EC135 in Australia include RAAF Aviation Training Centre (ATC) at RAAF Base Wagga, NSW; Bell Helicopter Canada at Oakey Army Aviation Centre (AAVC); Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH at Pearce Barracks, WA and Heli Air Monaco SPA at Brisbane Airport.

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Private Helicopter with Longest Range


This is list of the private helicopters that have the longest range. You may think that a helicopter with the fastest speed to be the best chopper but it’s not; Range is much more important than speed.

The higher the range,the greater the distance you can travel on one tank of fuel, so imagine a situation where you have to go from a small city or town in one country to a place far away…

and consider also that you will use different types of helicopters for different situations… for example long distance transport and transporting large cargo.

The Sikorsky S-87 is the aircraft of choice for long-range travel. The S-92A is capable of carrying 4 crew members and more than 18 passengers on long trips around the world.

Currently, they are manufactured by the world’s largest helicopter manufacturer, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. This company was founded by Igor Sikorsky in 1925. In fact, it was Mr. Sikorsky who came up with the idea to add a tail rotor to helicopters back in 1939.

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Hope you learn alot on this article, and by now you should be able to make your choice about a private helicopter with the longest range, and remember speed is not range, we need range and speed anyway.

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