How Much Is Private Helicopter In Nigeria (Explained)

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How much is private helicopter in nigeria, availing a private helicopter for business or personal travel is a luxury that few can afford. For those that can, it is nice to know the cost of private helicopter charter in whatever part of the world you are situated.

The Nigerian Airspace is heavily controlled and very regulated, with the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) strictly enforcing rules and regulations. This makes it hard for travelling the usual commercial way by air. And because of this, you are probably looking for options to travel privately in a helicopter.

If you are looking for a private helicopter service in Nigeria or anywhere on the continent, search no further. Worldclass Helicopter Nigeria is here to provide safe and luxurious private helicopter services in Nigeria and around the world.

Private helicopter services have become the latest trend in Nigeria and all over the world. They have replaced conventional aircraft for many business individuals, celebrities, sportsmen and private citizens across the world who prefer to be driven around by these Helicopter services.

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The best thing about a private helicopter is the ease with which you can avoid the stress of waiting in long lineups, cabs and security checks that would otherwise form part of your trip to and from an airport. For frequent flyers, helicopters are most convenient and time-saving mode of transportation.

Points to keep in mind

How Much Is Private Helicopter In Nigeria

How much is private helicopter in Nigeria

Private Helicopters are available for rent in Nigeria. Many people are interested in using this mode of transportation to travel from one place to another. This article will give you an insight into how much it costs to rent a private helicopter in Nigeria.

There are several factors that determine the cost of renting a private helicopter. This includes the type of aircraft and its capacity. Most of the times, the cost is determined by the distance that you want to cover, and other factors like flight time and duration.

The following are some of the factors that determine how much it costs to hire a private helicopter:

Type of aircraft

The type of aircraft you plan to use will determine how much it will cost you. For example, if you want to use a small two-seater private helicopter, then expect to pay less than if you were planning on using a larger six-seater chopper.

The size and capacity of your chopper determines how much it will cost. You can also hire charter services for longer distances or for multiple passengers who might be traveling at different times during the day or night.

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Flight time & duration

If your destination is far away from where you live, then expect to pay more money because there will be more time spent on flying from one location to another. So, the cost of private helicopter in Nigeria will vary depending on how far you are traveling from your point of origin to the destination.

For example, if you want to go from Lagos to Abuja and back, then expect to pay about ₦1 million for a round trip. This price does not include the cost of fuel and other associated expenses such as landing fees and parking charges at the destination.

Private helicopters are usually hired for special occasions such as weddings or other important events that require a lot of people traveling together. These helicopters can also be used for business purposes if you have meetings in different locations across the country or even outside Nigeria.

Helicopters are used to travel in Nigeria by companies, individuals and the government. They can be rented for different purposes. The cost of renting a helicopter depends on the type of helicopter you want to use, the duration of your trip and where you want to go.

Helicopters are expensive but they provide an opportunity for people who do not have that kind of money to travel faster than cars or airplanes. They also allow people with bad health conditions like asthma to travel without being affected by dust from the ground or pollutants from cars.

You can get discounts on some types of helicopters if you pay for them in advance or pre-book well ahead of time. The average price for a private helicopter varies depending on what type of flight you need and how long your flight will last.

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For example, if you want to fly from Lagos to Abuja, then expect to pay N500,000 naira ($1000). However, if you want to fly from Abuja back to Lagos again, then expect to pay only N550,000 naira ($1100).

The cost of a private helicopter charter is based on the length of time you’ll be traveling, your destination and other factors. To get an accurate quote, give us a call or fill out our online form. You can also use our quote form to get a free estimate for your trip.

The average cost of a private helicopter charter flight is $300 per hour with a minimum charge of $250 for one-way flights between two airports within the same city. The average cost for longer trips is higher because it takes more time and fuel to fly.

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How Much Is Private Helicopter In Nigeria

Private helicopters are expensive

If you have a few million dollars to spare, there are plenty of private helicopter options that can accommodate your needs. Private helicopters can cost anywhere from $1 million to $5 million or more, depending on their size and features.

If you want to own a private helicopter, consider these three things:

1) You need a hangar for your aircraft. You can’t just park your helicopter outside on the street. The FAA requires all aircraft owners to have a hangar or other structure for their aircrafts to be stored in when not in use.

If you don’t already have one (and if you don’t), then you will need to consider how much it costs to build one or rent one from an airport operator.

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2) You need room to store fuel at your hangar location. A typical helicopter requires about 250 gallons of jet fuel per hour of flight time, so figure on having at least 500 gallons on hand at all times (more if you fly often).

If your hangar is located near an airport where fuel is readily available, this shouldn’t be too difficult; however, if it isn’t located near an airport and must be trucked in, it can become quite costly.

3) Helicopters require maintenance. The cost of annual inspections, parts and labor varies widely depending on the type of helicopter you own and how much flying time you log each year. But regardless of which model you have, maintenance costs will always be higher than they are for fixed-wing aircraft.

4) Some private pilots choose to purchase their own aircraft rather than lease one because they want complete control over how their aircraft is maintained and flown even if there are times when they don’t use it.

Leasing gives you less control over how well the aircraft is maintained by the company that leases it to you; however, this also means that you don’t have to worry about maintaining it yourself or hiring someone else to do so.

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How Much Is Private Helicopter In Nigeria

Can I buy a private helicopter in Nigeria?

Yes, you can buy a private helicopter in Nigeria. The Nigerian aviation industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. With a population over 190 million people and a GDP that exceeds 1 trillion dollars, Nigeria is one of the most lucrative markets for aircraft sales.

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You must first be able to afford the price tag of these luxurious items. The price for a private helicopter ranges from about $1 million to $100 million depending on its size, age, condition and other factors.

The cost of buying or leasing a helicopter can vary depending on several factors:

Size: Helicopters come in different sizes ranging from small (micro) to large (heavy lift). The smaller ones are cheaper than their larger counterparts but they have limited capabilities while the larger ones are capable of carrying more weight but they are also more expensive than their smaller counterparts.

Age: Older models tend to be cheaper compared to newer models because they have been used for many years without any major repairs or maintenance issues which translates into lower operating costs over time.

Condition: If your helicopter has not been well maintained over time then chances are that it will require major repairs before being put into use again which translates into higher operating costs for the owner over time.

There are many reasons why helicopters are expensive. First, they require special training for pilots and crew members. Flying in high altitudes where there are no reference points to follow is not an easy job by all means.

Second, it requires specialized maintenance for the aircraft and its parts. Third, it requires special fuel that costs more than regular aviation fuel used by airplanes and jets.

This means that if you want to own a helicopter in Nigeria, you should be ready to spend millions of naira just on maintenance alone. For example, an Airbus A380 has about 500 people working just on maintaining it from one end to another!

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How Much Is Private Helicopter In Nigeria

Does Nigeria have a helicopter building facility?

Yes, the Benson B1 ultralight helicopter was design by Joseph Benson in November 2020 this helicopter have up to 8000 rotor RPM and a one man crew, Joseph Benson hail from Benue state in Ogbadibo local government area of Benue state.

The building facility of Benson B1 ultralight hhelicopter is located at Abuja the country capital with a plan of opening another facility in Benue state, in the nearest future, Joseph Benson is truly the man.

In the beginning of this year, Nigeria launched its first indigenous designed and built military helicopter. The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has been using helicopters for over 40 years, but all of them were bought from other countries.

The new helicopters are called Agusta A109s and they are the first aircraft to be assembled in Nigeria. They were assembled at Kaduna Airport by the Italian company Agusta Westland.

The helicopters will be used for search and rescue missions as well as transporting soldiers from one place to another. The army is expecting to buy another 12 of these aircraft in the future. The total cost for each helicopter is about $4 million dollars so it’s not cheap!

The helicopter was launched at an event held in Kaduna on February 22nd 2016 by President Muhammadu Buhari himself!

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How Much Is Private Helicopter In Nigeria

Bottom line

Corporate Helicopter hire is often perceived to be the preserve of the rich, famous and powerful. While it is true that Corporate Helicopter Hire does not come cheap and this may well deter some potential customers from making enquiries, for some events nothing but a Private Helicopter Charter will do. This is a guide to the section of our website which deals with Corporate Helicopter Charter in Nigeria, and indeed Corporate Helicopter Charter anywhere in Africa where we operate. We hope that you find it helpful.

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Nigeria has several private Helicopter operators. They all have different price structure and are not open to negotiations but on the other hand, they are all very reliable.

They charge according to the distance you will cover. Below is a compilation of the Helicopters prices in Nigeria and their rates per kilometre.

Nigeria is a beautiful country with many tourist spots. Anyone can arrange to go on a private helicopter tour to see all parts of the country. You will fly over the city of Lagos, and land on lush, tropical beaches.

The cost of a private helicopter depends on your location in Nigeria and how far you want to travel in the helicopter. There is no better way to see the amazing beauty of Nigeria than from the sky. You won’t regret taking one of these amazing tours!

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