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Airlines with cheapest business class. One of my most popular travel guides is a round-up of airlines with the cheapest business class flights. This is a list of the airlines that you can use to search for cheap business class flights.

A lot of people show up to journey’s end not knowing what it was all about. You probably don’t want to be one of them, but if you are trying to find out about the cheapest business class flights around the world, I’m going to show you how to do that.

Airlines have a pretty high price range on business class tickets. It’s obvious that airlines are charging more for business class tickets than economy. But are they really? Or maybe, there are ways to maximize.

With the recent boom of low-cost carriers, more and more people are commuting for business for relatively cheap. This further opens up the opportunity for companies to explore inexpensive travel options for their employees. However, not all low-cost airlines are created equal when it comes to flights.

Business Class tickets are expensive but they sure are worth the money. What makes business class flights so expensive is that they cost $20,000 to $50,000 and beyond. But this being said there are airlines with cheap business class fares and here is a list of them for you.

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For some the miles game is a simple one. It’s about racking up points and miles here, there, and elsewhere to land those big international awards. Yet it’s also about saving money for some.

While there are mileage hunters and quants out there who will do anything to secure an award ticket on a carrier that in their mind isn’t as expensive as others, $10k-15k isn’t something everyone wants to spend for a flight from New York to South Africa.

Key takeaway points

  • Airlines with cheapest business class
  • How can I get a cheaper business flights?
  • How to buy business class flights cheap?
  • Who has the best business class airline seats?
  • Is premium economy worth flying?
Airlines with Cheapest Business Class

Airlines with cheapest business class

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is a major national carrier based in Auckland, New Zealand. The airline offers flights to more than 20 countries and regions, including Australia, Asia and Europe.

Air New Zealand offers three classes of service: Economy Class, Premium Economy Class and Business Class.

Qantas: Qantas is Australia’s national airline, operating from its main hub in Sydney to over 30 domestic and international destinations. The airline offers three classes of service: Economy Class, Premium Economy Class and Business Class.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has been voted the best airline in the world by Skytrax for nine consecutive years, and it’s easy to see why. The airline offers a wide range of different products, including premium economy, business class and first class.

Business class passengers can expect to enjoy a spacious cabin with lie-flat beds that are wider than those found on most other airlines. Each seat also comes with its own personal entertainment screen and wi-fi access.

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Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is another popular choice among business travellers thanks to its wide range of services and amenities.

Its A380s offer some of the largest suites in the sky, while its 777s feature an array of luxurious touches such as Bulgari amenities kits and Bose noise-cancelling headphones.

The airline also offers dedicated airport lounges for business class passengers at major airports around the world, as well as luxury hotels at some destinations such as Hong Kong and Doha.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is another top choice for travellers who want to experience first-class service without breaking the bank it has been named Best Business Class Airline in Europe at several awards ceremonies over the years (including 2018).

The airline flies from its Abu Dhabi hub to more than 100 destinations across six continents.

Etihad is known for its high levels of service and attention to detail everything from on-board menus and entertainment options to its crew uniforms have been designed with passengers in mind.

You’ll be served a three-course meal on flights between Abu Dhabi and New York City and receive a pillow menu if you prefer softer pillows over firmer ones.

Air France

Air France has a new fleet of A380s and 777s with lie-flat beds in all cabins, including the economy cabin. The carrier’s business class cabins have space for up to four people in a 2-2 configuration; there are also four separate suites that can be reserved by individuals or groups of up to four people.


KLM offers the longest stretch of any airline, with its A330-200 coming in at a whopping 463 inches. The Dutch carrier offers eight lie-flat seats in a 1-2-1 configuration.

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The airline also has an extensive network across Europe and Asia, which means you’ll likely be able to find some great deals on flights there as well.

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Airlines with Cheapest Business Class

How can I get a cheaper business flights?

The best way to get a cheaper business flight is to book it in advance. As you know, the earlier you book your ticket, the better the price. If you have time to spare, be sure to check out web sites like Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz where you can find cheap flights at any time of the day or night.

If you’re looking for a deal on business flights, try taking them during off-peak hours. For example, if your schedule allows for it, fly on a Sunday or Monday instead of a Friday or Saturday.

This will help you save money on airfare since most people take advantage of weekend travel plans when they’re going on vacation or visiting friends and family out of state

If you’re traveling with coworkers or clients and don’t want to pay for separate seats, consider booking an airline that offers group rates.

Most airlines offer discounts for groups of three or more people traveling together. You may also be able to save some money by booking online instead of over the phone with an airline representative

Look for discounted fares online at sites like Orbitz or Travelocity Consider flying first class instead of business class if your company allows it (some companies have rules prohibiting this).

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First class tickets are usually more expensive than business class tickets, but they come with perks such as priority boarding and baggage handling, better food and beverage service, larger seats and more legroom

First of all, if you can’t find your preferred flight on the airline website or through their app, search on Google Flights. They offer same-as-direct flights at a much lower price than most airlines.

Secondly, check out websites like LastMinuteTravel, Momondo and SkyScanner where you can find good deals on tickets. These sites are great because they will give you options that might not be available directly from the airline.

You should also consider flying with an off-brand airline such as Norwegian or Wow Air (which offer cheap tickets) or buying an award ticket with an airline like Delta SkyMiles or United MileagePlus (which allow you to save money on these tickets).

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Airlines with Cheapest Business Class

How to buy business class flights cheap?

The best way to find cheap business class flights is to book earlier in the year. This is because airlines release their lowest prices for travel around May and June, so if you can hold off on booking until then, you’re likely to get a better price.

However, there are other ways to save money when it comes to buying business class tickets. Here are some tips and tricks:

Check out mileage programs before you buy your ticket. If you have an airline loyalty program membership such as Delta SkyMiles or United MileagePlus, check to see if you have enough miles to cover the cost of your flight.

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If so, these programs offer discounted fares on some routes. For example, Delta’s SkyMiles program offers up to 35% off round-trip fares between New York and London in Business Class during peak summer travel months;

this means that instead of paying $4,300 for a round-trip ticket (which is the standard fare), you’ll pay $3,000 plus earn miles toward future upgrades or free flights!

Buy tickets from third-party sites like Orbitz or CheapOair instead of directly from airlines’ websites (which often have higher fees). This way, you’ll pay less in fees but still get the same service and the same ticket.

Another tip is to check back regularly. If you’re flexible with your dates, be sure to check back on the airline’s website on a daily basis.

“The airlines are constantly changing their available seats and prices,” says Douglas Quinby, vice president of travel research at Phocuswright.

“So by checking in every day or two, you can find some good deals.” And finally, try booking multiples flights at once.

If you’re traveling with family or friends and can coordinate your schedules, buying multiple tickets can save you money on airfare because you’ll qualify for bundled fares or discounts if all of your tickets are purchased together.

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Airlines with Cheapest Business Class

Who has the best business class airline seats?

The best business class airline seats are those that look good, feel good and provide the best value for your money. The best business class airline seat can be defined by a number of factors, including comfort and entertainment options.

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Some airlines offer first-class amenities in their business class cabins, while others provide more basic services.

Airlines such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer premium perks such as fully flat beds in first class cabins on long-haul flights, while other carriers like Air France and Lufthansa have improved their business class cabins with better seating arrangements and more personal space.

However, it’s not just about the quality of amenities onboard. There are also some important factors to consider when deciding which airlines have the best business class service. These include:

Price: Some airlines offer significantly lower prices than others for their business class seats, making them an attractive option for budget travelers looking for a good deal on travel tickets.

Availability: If you’re traveling during peak times, such as holidays or weekends, it’s important to know whether there are enough seats available so that you’ll be able to get one at all.

Some airlines may also charge more for these days like United Airlines does so you might end up paying more for a seat than you would have paid if you had booked it earlier.

Cost: Business class tickets can be expensive, but they’re worth it if you’re looking for a comfortable experience on an international flight. There are some airlines that offer cheaper business class fares than others, such as Emirates Airline and Turkish Airlines.

If you book early enough, however, the cost shouldn’t be too much of an issue because many airlines offer discounts if you purchase in advance or even if you book online directly through them (instead of through another site like Expedia).

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Most airlines have a standard size for their business class seats, but there can be a lot of variation in how much space you get to stretch out in your seat.

Some airlines also offer extra legroom on some flights but not others, so it’s important to check before booking if you want more room.

Another major factor is privacy: some airlines offer fully enclosed suites with sliding doors, while others give you an open-plan cabin with just curtains separating each row.

It’s up to you whether or not this matters but if you’re travelling with colleagues or customers, it could make all the difference between an enjoyable flight and one where everyone feels like they’re sitting next to each other on a bus!

Many airlines now offer fully flat beds in their business class cabins, which means you can sleep more comfortably than ever before when flying long-haul routes.

Bear in mind though that these beds only work when they’re fully flat; if they’re angled upwards at all then they won’t be comfortable enough for sleeping purposes.

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Airlines with Cheapest Business Class

Is premium economy worth flying?

As an American Airlines elite member, I can book my seats in advance and often get to pick between economy, premium economy and business class. It’s a nice perk of being a frequent flyer, but I still have to ask myself: Is premium economy worth flying?

Premium economy is the middle ground between economy and business class. It has much more legroom than economy (about 34 inches), but less than business class (42 inches).

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You get wider seats with more padding and amenities like a larger pillow, blanket and amenity kit. You also get priority boarding which means you can board before first class and dedicated overhead bins for your bag.

In other words: Premium economy is a step up from economy, but not as fancy as business class. And it’s usually more expensive than economy fare. So is it worth paying extra for?

For me, the answer is yes but only if I’m traveling solo or with just one other person who isn’t too tall (so we don’t have to sit apart).

With two people together in premium economy, it’ll cost about $100 more per person than booking two seats in coach (which can be over $1,000 when booking last minute).

But if you’re traveling alone or with just one other person and price is not a concern, I think you can make the case for premium economy.

What makes premium economy worth it?

The biggest difference between premium economy and coach is that your seat will recline a few inches further back than in coach. It’s also slightly wider than an economy seat. You’ll typically get an amenity kit with earplugs and socks, plus extra legroom (but not as much as business class).

On most airlines, you’ll get access to your airline’s lounges before departure which means free food and drinks while waiting in line at security. Sometimes there are showers available within the lounge area; sometimes not.

Some airlines offer complimentary meals on long-haul flights in premium economy but you’ll pay extra for them on short flights (if they’re available at all). Premium economy cabins often include better seats, more legroom and a wider seat pitch than standard economy seats.

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Some airlines also offer complimentary meals in premium economy, while others charge extra for these perks. Here’s what you need to know before you book your next flight.

Free Meals

If you’re flying a long-haul flight on an airline with premium economy cabins, chances are good that the airline will provide complimentary meals for its premium-class passengers.

This means you don’t have to spend money on food or drinks during the flight which is great news for those who don’t want to shell out extra cash on pricey airplane food.

Some airlines provide free snacks or beverages in their premium cabins as well, which is another added perk you might enjoy if you choose to fly in this section of the plane.

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Airlines with Cheapest Business Class

Final conclusion

For budget-conscious flyers, these are airlines with the best business class fares. The “business class” label is broad, which is why we built our comparison by airline fleet size.

We didn’t have the data to break out on-board product offerings, so other factors were taken into consideration (like seat types and seat pitch), as well as following factors like how easy it is to book (is it one-stop airline shopping with no fees?) in addition to each carrier’s overall ranking.

The best business-class seats are not that expensive and are offered by most of the major airlines.

If you’re traveling for business to any country in Latin America, East Asia, Middle East, or Africa you might want to check out the cheapest flights from our best cheap business-class carriers list. For most business class passengers, extra legroom is the main feature. For American Airlines, it’s the WiFi.

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American’s new Business Jet latitudes allow for a separate WiFi zone and access to the in-flight entertainment system, which can be accessed with or without an airline membership.

If you’re going to travel with your eyes wide open and ready to have a great time, there’s no need to spend a fortune. When you look online into available flights, there’s always a way to find the cheapest way to fly to your destination.

We have done the research for you, so all you have to do is pick your preferred time of year and destination and use our price comparison tool below.

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